Steiner Express Service Trolley

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The ultimate efficiency tool for your workshops! These trolleys allow your technicians to have everything they need for service right at their fingertips.

Main Structure
The trolley is manufactured from high-grade mild steel to ensure durability and longevity. With a solid welded frame, it is constructed to allow for simple maintenance of each component. Includes 2 ergonomic grip handles for easy movement.

Lifting Mechanism
The trolley has a smooth lifting mechanism thanks to quality cylinders and bearings. The strong support frame ensures very little movement of swaying when lifting or lowering a wheel. The flathead control buttons reduce the risks of an accident occurring.

Instruments and Parts Placement
The Cabin is designed with 3 trays, with the bottom 2 trays having a lip to prevent equipment from falling off. The rubber sheet lining the bottom helps reduce steel noise.

Support Bracket
Equipped with a wheel dolly which has 2 rolling castor drums to allow the wheel to be easily moved for stud placement. Also includes a heavy-duty frame that the tyres can lean up against.

Additional Configuration
Self-priming spill-proof suction system for draining brake fluid. Built-in waste fluid containment to hold it in during the service.


Length 885mm
Width 810mm
Height 1100mm
Tyre Rack Height Rises: 1600mm
Maximum Lifting Load 50kg
Maximum Tyre Diameter Dissasembly 790mm
Minimum Tyre Diameter Disassembly 490mm
Use Pressure 4-10kg/cm2
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Steiner Express Service Trolley (WT5700)