Workshop Cabinetry

DEA Worklab branded workshop furnishings meet all requirements: they reflect the brand's uniqueness, provide various customisation possibilities and meet the sector's highest quality standards.

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Exclusive workshops for exclusive vehicles

Cars and bikes intended for the competitive Motorsport sector are luxury vehicles: exclusive vehicles, perfect combinations of power and elegance, synergistic fusion of mechanics and aesthetics. These are elegantly designed vehicles with luxury finishes: icons of their manufacturers and emblems of their prestige.

Workshops have to reflect the same values: there is no room for shoddy or standardised furnishings. The only possible solution is furnishings that reflect the manufacturer's brand exclusivity. DEA can meet all the sophisticated needs: workshop furnishings with a unique, distinctive and peerless design with meticulous attention to the finishing.

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Exclusivity is especially characterised by customisation: customisation makes the difference, it is the privileged way to confirm your notoriety. To create one of a kind workshops, furnishings must be tailor-made to the brand image.

DEA provides the Automotive sector with all the advantages of its Custom Tailor Made service: custom designed furnishing according to the manufacturer's needs with a visual perfectly in line with the corporate identity.

Do you want furnishings customised with ruby red profiles? Just ask: we'll be happy to meet your needs. Further customisations are available upon request: a special plate affixed to the work top where you can display the brand name and logo and our signature Designed by DEA.

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You can be aussured with the 100% Made in Italy quality of the workshop furnishings. Workbenches, drawer units, cabinets and shelves: each module furnishing element is designed to resist stress, the weight of the tools used, the most critical conditions and brisk work places. Get in touch today with your requirements!