Steiner Wheel Balancer ST420

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Some of the key functions of the ST420 Wheel Balancers are as follows:

Power Supply- 100-230V 1ph

  • Italian Technology
  • Rim diameter- 1" - 28"
  • Rotating Speed- 140rpm
  • Maximum wheel diameter- 1180mm
  • Balance period- 7s
  • Balance Precision- +/- 1g
  • Motor Power- 90w
  • Noise Level- <75dB
  • Second Time Mounting On Precision- <5g
  • Automatic Data input
  • Equipped with an LED Light, it can open automatically during the operating, making it easier for paste the wheel weight.
  • Equipped with a foot brake
  • 12-month Warranty
  • This Balancer has a power adapter, avoiding the various disadvantages of voltage instability
  • Different tyre models include passenger car, motorcycle and SUV. The motorcycle adaptor is optional for motorcycle wheel balancing. 

TE Warranty Steiner V2

Product Code: ST420


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