Haweka Electronic Truck Aligner

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The AXIS4000 Haweka Aligner, is a computer-based, camera radio wheel alignment system for commercial vehicles including trailers, double & triple B’s, road trains and buses. Having your commercial vehicle wheels accurately aligned can extend your tyre life by up to 25%.

The axle measuring system AXIS4000 is a new and innovative development from Haweka. This top of the range product is the culmination of many years of experience in the field of portable wheel alignment and results in a commercial alignment system being easy to handle and simple as a car wheel alignment system.

This high quality wheel aligner system enables real-time, highly accurate and fast measurements to be made. 

Technical Features:

  • Fast measurement of the single and total toe, centering of the steering gear, camber, castor, kingpin inclination, toe-out-on-turns, max. steering angle, tilt and the axle offset
  • Computer based wheel alignment – scale alignment via software
  • Quick installation on the steel rims thanks to different magnetic holders
  • Also ideal for aluminum rims thanks to ProClamp, the quick-action clamping device (gripper-arm holder system)
  • Measurement done in normal driving condition of the vehicle – no lifting is required
  • Fast recording of the required nominal value using the 360° rotatable camera measurement heads
  • Direct display of the setup on the monitor
  • The readings are recorded by radio transmission directly onto the printout.
  • The printout shows “before/after” settings


Following the simple selection of the vehicle to be aligned, all of the relevant vehicle data can be quickly and conveniently selected. The dimensions of the rim can for example be entered individually.
The AXIS4000 can be used to align almost all types of commercial vehicles from small vans through to road trains.


The preparation needed to align the wheels of a vehicle is clearly explained to the user by means of a simple and clear graphic display.


The information obtained is available to the user while adjustments are being made, either in a digital or analogue format, in a large and easy to understand display.


The operator is led through the individual stages thanks to a well laid out menu structure and clear instructions. The readings are displayed instantaneously for each step.


The overview shows the individual readings for each axle. This provides a clear comparison between the starting (before) and finishing (after) readings. The readings can then be printed out. The overview can also be stored on the computer for future reference.


A stable trolley ensures that all components of the AXIS4000 can be kept conveniently and securely and provides space for a computer and printer.


Check out the video to view it in action!

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