FASEP VCO-K Wheel Aligner

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How much time have you got to waste today?

The world's fastest, most accurate wheel aligner.

Fasep Wheel Aligners use intuitive, but advanced technology to bring you the easiest to use, most accurate wheel alignment systems on the market.  

Utilizing the latest technology, Fasep wheel aligners are 100% designed, built and tested in Italy.

The VOC-K Aligner reduces preparation time by up to 80% thanks to its simple, user-friendly software and contact clamps.

Powerful computer, with easy-to-operate software

Each Fasep Wheel Aligner comes with a highly specified Intel computer running the latest Windows software.

24" Widescreen LED Colour Monitor

A large, clear screen helps operators make correct adjustments even when at the rear of the vehicle.

Contact Clamps (No run out required)

The VCO-K wheel aligner comes with Fasep’s patented contact clamps. This unique method saves time for the operator and reduces mounting errors. Mounting onto the tyre, means there’s no need to worry about the condition of the rim (buckles etc) as we are aligning with what makes contact with the road itself.

Vehicle Specification Database

Our vehicle specification is updated multiple times per year.
With direct links to manufactures it is updated when new models are released or corrections need to be made.
You can also insert your own specifications into the machine.

Wintrax 2 Sensors

Designed according to the latest 3D CAD technology, this is updated and stylish, with a glossy, new red finish.
More compact, lightweight, and rugged, the sensors are more resistant to impact or falling. This is combined with improved practicality and functionality thanks to a new system for anchoring the shaft of the chuck through a “click ball”.
The battery technology is also updated, and is now more easily replaceable, with the added benefit of being rechargeable by cable.

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