Steiner Professional Series Hydraulic 4 Post 4 Tonne Lift

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A vital part of any workshop, the Steiner Professional Series LT440APRO Hydraulic 4 Hoist is designed with a vast range of features, making it perfect for professional and dealer workshops

Product Information

  • Electro-hydraulic lifting system operated over a special double piston cylinder
  • Innovative design of columns without longitudinal welds.
  • In addition to the safety locking system, also incorporated is a 'slack cable' safety lock, whereby the lock will activate in the event of a cable snap/breakage
  • Platform locking system operated automatically by electromagnets.
  • Automatic release of safety wedges by pushing DOWN button
  • Pushbuttons at 24V, type “dead man”, separated UP & DOWN buttons, and ON/OFF switch lockable by a padlock
  • Smooth platforms
  • Upper height limit switch
  • Hydraulic cylinder with control valve of lowering speed.
  • Safety valve against over-pressure of the hydraulic system.
  • International patent on safety and lifting system
  • No compressed air required to operate locks
  • Motor equipped with thermal detector against over-heating
  • European CE certified

Technical Features

Load Capacity 4000kg
Platform Length 4450mm
Platform Width 560mm
Width Between Columns 2900mm
Distance Between Platforms (min - max) 690 - 1245mm
Drive on Height 150mm
Lifting Height 1800mm
Lifting Time 35s
Overall Length 5380mm
Overall Width 3265mm
Motor 3 Phase 230/400 V - 50/60Hz 2.2KW

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Description Documents Image gallery Enquire Now
Description Documents Image gallery Enquire Now
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