Vehicle Lifts

They lift you up, even on a bad day. Dependable and robust there’s no job our Car Hoists can’t tackle.

With over 3.9M (2.5 vehicles per household) vehicles being driven in New Zealand, garage lifts are some of the most profitable equipment in your automotive body shops, dealerships and garages for decades.

We all know how essential a vehicle lift is in an automotive workshop. Different hoists are suited for different purposes. We cover a complete range of vehicle lifts and can advise you on the type and spec of hoist you need. Treadway Equipped is proud to supply dependable and robust Vehicle Lifts and Car Hoists in New Zealand. 

Our range includes the Steiner and Challenger Scissor Hoist, 2 Post Hoist, 4 Post Hoist, Parking Lifts, Single Post Hoists, Lift Accessories, and Heavy Equipment Lifts.


Call Treadway Equipped NZ at 0800 436 436 to enquire about our Hoists. Fast Installation with Warranty included!