Steiner Professional Series ST380 Tyre Changer

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The ST380 Tyre Changer from the Steiner Professional Series leads the way with Innovation and design giving the user a vastly superior and quieter operator experience all while saving workshop space and time per change.  

  • No More Air Pressure Drop Worries

The Electric Bead Breaker allows maximum pressure 100% of the time without having to worry about pressure dropping in your airlines.  This design has been proven to give 30% better performance because it is not affected by the inlet pressure or cylinder size. The control buttons on the top of the handle allows perfect control and varying movement speed to prevent damage to the tyre shoulder.  Also, did we mention noise?  this is very quiet, no more loud hissing Bead Breaker Cylinders. 

  • Vertical Column with Helical Motion Head

The head which lifts up and turns to the right, rather than tilting back allows the ST380 Tyre Changer to be positioned hard against a wall and recovers all the dead space that is typical with standard tilt machines.

  • Extra Large Turntable

The self-centering turntable has a clamping capacity from 11” to 28” inches. The special mechanical geometry of the clamping group is equipped with two cylinders of 75 mm diameter and with curved guiding rods, that keep the clamping force constant as the rim size changes. The turntable top surface is equipped with four radial plastic supports that protect the rims while clamping.

  • New Slim-line three Point Helper Arm

This excellent new design uses the main vertical Column rather than having a separate one, making the unit a lot more compact.  The arms slide up and down the main column and are operated off the main head, giving ultimate control.  Three arms make sure every stage of the fitment is covered. 

 Other Features:

  • Floor Roller Table for under the bead breaker.  Bead Breaking just got easier! 
  • Foot controlled inflating
  • Pneumatically operated vertical arm for maximum control
  • Bead Blaster Bazooka (Option)
  • 100% Made and Assembled in Italy, (one of the very few left!)
  • 2 Year Warranty


Clamping Capacity 11" - 28"
External Clamping 11" - 24"
Internal Clamping 14" - 28"
Max. Wheel Diameter 1110mm (44")
Max. Wheel Width 405mm (16")
Turntable Speed 7 / 14 RPM
Noise level <70 dB(A)
Power Supply 1 Ph - 0.75kW (1 HP) 230V 50/60 Hz
Working Pressure 8 - 10 Bar (116 - 145 PSI)
Net Weight 325Kg








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