Steiner Tyre Changer ST240 with Helper Arm

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ST240 Tyre Changer with its simple and practical design is excellent value and can meet the needs of regular tyre service. It is an entry-level machine with simple swing arm action for low to mid volume. Fitted with Helper Arm.

Technical Features

Power Supply 240v 50Hz
Rim clamping from outside 10" - 18"
Rim clamping from inside 12" - 21"
Maximum wheel diameter 930mm
Wheel width 3" - 12"
Operating Pressure 8 - 10 bar
Motor Power 0.75 Kw
Noise level <75dB









Dimensions: 1300mm W x 1800mm L x 2180mm H
Weight: 179kg

Comes with Tyre Lever, Pressure Gauge, Plastic Covers and Paste Bucket.

Optional extras include plastic mounting head and clamp adaptors for 8" wheels.

TE Warranty Steiner V2

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ST240 with helper arm