Toyota Chooses Steiner

In a workshop that focuses on cars meeting a high standard only a durable hoist will do.
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Toyota in textSteiner preforms under pressure. When Toyota wanted a new hoist to meet the thorough demands of its Signature Class vehicle plant, they contacted Treadway Equipped.

Meeting demand for Signature Class vehicles means Toyota New Zealand's Thames Vehicle Operations facility is under constant pressure.

Signature Class vehicles are used Toyotas from Japan, certified to specific standards, together with refurbished ex-lease Toyotas previously sold new here.

The plant's associate site services manager, James Higgs, says Toyota Thames Vehicle Operations handles all the Signature Class refurbs and fit-outs for bespoke fleet vehicles. The checking and refurb process is meticulous. The team works to high standards and is committed to quality and efficiency.

The hoist would be in the front line, as the first inspection platform for incoming vehicles, meaning it would be raising and lowering 15 or so times a day. Because the hoist was in such heavy use, reliability was important, to minimise downtime. That put the focus on build quality as well as efficiency.

Treadway Equipped's sales manager, Loren Bill, made an onsite visit to get a clear picture of the requirements and potential refinements. He recommended the Steiner Professional Series, which is backed up by a five-year warranty, and a commitment to spares being available for around 25 years.

James said Treadway Equipped handled the whole installation process, working with the line shut-down times to ensure no lost throughput — smooth operation is a high priority for this busy assessment centre.

The LT440MPRO, part of the Steiner Professional Series, is designed and built in Europe. This hoist's automatic magnetic locking system doesn't require compressed air to power the locks. That means fewer things to go wrong, and it means there's no need for extra air lines cluttering the floor. Build quality also ticked Toyota's boxes. The folded columns are stronger than hoists that have longitudinal welds. It also permits a more slimline design, meaning it is easy to work around.

"The Steiner Professional Series is hard working and reliable, perfect for operations that can’t afford downtime due to equipment failure," Loren Bill says.

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