Setting Up Or Revamping A Tyre Bay?

Treadway Equipped's Loren Bill gives a few tips and tricks to planning a tyre bay
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Tyre bay in textTreadway Equipped's Loren Bill has seen a few tyre bays in his time and has this advice for workshops considering an upgrade. 

Loren Bill at Treadway Equipped advises, supplies, and services workshop equipment to automotive businesses across New Zealand. He says Treadway Equipped has a strong focus on recommending the right equipment for their customers to ensure they get maximum return. He offers readers the following tips for making the most from a tyre bay. 

“Whether you plan to have a simple tyre bay, or a full multi-bay flow through rapid changer setup, you will need to plan effectively to get the most out of your space and make sure the set up is as efficient as possible,” he says. 

“If possible, it is great to have a separate entrance and exit so vehicles can flow through easily. Avoiding manoeuvring vehicles around in a building and reversing out saves time and reduces disruption.   

“Another option is using a multi-bay drive-in format, which is most common in New Zealand,” he says. “This is where you may have multiple bays side by side like car parks, and the machines and tools are arranged around each bay. 

“The equipment you will need for a basic tyre bay are a tyre changer, wheel balancer, and a compressor, as well as a set of trolley jacks, axle stands, impact wrench, and torque wrench.  

“When choosing your equipment, it is important to look at your tyre volume or expected volume and choose gear that is fit for that usage.   

“For example, if you are a workshop that may do two to four sets of tyres a day, we would recommend the Steiner ST260 tyre changer and the Steiner ST420 wheel balancer.  However, if you are planning to have your tyre bay doing six sets or more a day, we would recommend the Fasep range of equipment.” Fasep is 100 percent Italian designed and manufactured and features the latest sensor technology and automation, which saves time, reduces the potential for errors, and saves labour which keeps staff safe and motivated to perform well.   

Efficiency Tips:

  • Consider putting in a mid-height, scissor-type belly lift to raise vehicles, rather than jacks. This is a lot quicker and certainly a lot safer. Check out the Steiner LT280S for this job. 
  • Take special care when deciding where to put the air lines. Loren recommends placing reels as close to the job as possible, thus minimising the length of line on the ground creating a trip hazard. The John Guest Quick Fit nylon hosing range is an excellent product for running air lines from your compressor. Loren recommends placing reels high on a pillar beside each tyre bay, or on the rafter above the bay, making the line accessible without any trip risk.  
  • Look at using powerful battery powered impact wrenches rather than pneumatic ones. Removing this need for an airline keeps the tyre bay clear and further reduces trip hazards. 

Treadway Equipped can provide layout and planning consultations and recommendations. It offers a complete range of equipment for every size of workshop. Treadway Equipped can also determine which leasing and financing options would best match your investment and projected returns from an upgraded tyre bay.  

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