Service Quality Leads To Repeat Business

Getting the right advice, a reliable product, and good service.  
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Getting the right advice, a reliable product, and good service led Krystal Klear Carpainters back to Treadway Equipped for a second new hoist.

Noel Brandellero took over running Krystal Klear Carpainters in Whangarei midway through 2021. As this was an established business with more than 20 years under its belt and a strong reputation for quality of service, Noel had some big boots to fill.

Stepping into his ownership position, Noel knew it was vital to maintain the business’ reputation for quality, but he also wanted to enhance the service he could provide his customers. Noel decided that adding a hoist to the workshop would really benefit his customers and his new business.

He approached Treadway Equipped. Having done a fair bit of research, he decided that a two-post would be best suited for the job. It would provide the access and flexibility he needed, while also being more affordable than a four-post hoist. Noel worked with the Treadway Equipped team and decided the European-certified LT235CFPRO would do the job. The Steiner Professional Series 3.5 tonne electro-mechanical hoist offers good vehicle access.

Noel added the hoist within a month of taking over the business and, having had it for the best part of a year, he says it makes it much easier to do work under a vehicle, especially undersealing.

“We can also use it for vehicle storage if we’ve got a bit of a sitter, but also if we’ve got work to do on the side of a vehicle we can raise it up to a height which makes it easier and nicer to work on,” says Noel.

Noel initially approached Treadway Equipped partly because they were New Zealand owned, but they also allowed Noel to focus more on developing his new venture by removing the additional stress that often comes with organising installation. Treadway Equipped is a one-stop shop. It analyses needs and advises on product selection, delivers the products, and offers installation and a level of after-sales support that is rarely matched, as well as its 100 Promise.

As a new owner, Noel found peace of mind in knowing that if anything were to happen there would be no passing the blame between businesses. The Treadway Equipped 100 Promise means that if a purchaser is not 100 per cent satisfied with the equipment within the first 100 days of purchase it will repair, replace, or refund the equipment free of charge.

Noel’s experience with Treadway Equipped prompted him to return for the combination of equipment quality, quality of service, and value. Noel's second purchase was a single-post portable hoist.

“The plan is before you do an underbody seal, we can lift the vehicle up and take a look and clean it so it isn’t dropping dirt inside. Outside, we can wash the dirt into a sump, so it isn’t going into the stormwater either.”

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