Right-Sized Tyre Bay Fits The Bill At Kingsway

The right advice led to the right solution at Kingsway Automotive and Electrical.
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kingswayKingsway Automotive and Electrical is well known in Takanini, having served the surrounding area for more than 30 years since auto electrician Bevan Mannix established the business in 1989.

Four years ago, qualified mechanic Jaeden Owen joined to strengthen the mechanical side of the business. Two years ago, he took the step to add in wheel servicing as part of their warrant and repair business, “so we didn’t have to send people down the road,” says Jaeden.

We caught up with Jaeden to ask how adding the tyre bay had worked out for them. In consultation with Treadway Equipped, Kingsway opted for the classic Steiner ST260 Tyre Changer and Steiner ST420 Wheel Balancer combo. As a Blackfern member, the workshop took advantage of an interest-free finance offer, which allowed Jaeden and Bevan to steer additional revenue into paying off the gear.

Jaeden says the tyre bay provides added value to their customers and makes it an easier choice to stay with Kingsway. He says the Steiner gear has performed flawlessly, but it only gets light use —around 10 times a week. “It’s very good compared to what I’ve used in the past — and it’s not bright red!”

As part of the package, Treadway Equipped included onsite training and set up to ensure Kingsway’s crew got up and running with minimal fuss.

“We make sure our customers are happy and going strong with regular check-ins. On the first-year anniversary, we even send a little gift to celebrate their first year with a Steiner,” says Treadway Equipped’s equipment specialist, Mary Woolhouse.

Jaeden says the tyre machine operated in a similar way to equipment he had used before, but he says all balancers are a bit different, so the training was valuable to ensure the tyre is set up correctly, and they needed to learn how to calibrate the machine to ensure it continued to measure accurately.

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