Published AutoChannel Issue 67
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With the addition of wheel and tyre services and the assistance of Treadway Equipped, the business has become a one-stop shop

When Dean Evans — an already successful Auto Super Shoppes workshop owner — snagged Auto Super Shoppes Taupō, he knew there was untapped potential in the place. As part of the Blackfern cooperative, he had ready access to favourable buying tools and a supplier network, making undertaking an expansion to take advantage of the opportunity fast and easy.

Auto Super Shoppes has a reputation for being top-notch. They're all about quality parts, customer service, and mechanics who know their stuff. So, it was a no-brainer for Dean to level up the offerings at Auto Super Shoppes Taupō.

Being part of the Blackfern buying cooperative has its perks. Leveraging their terms and supplier directory, Dean connected with Treadway Equipped, known for their top-quality equipment and service.

Within just 48 hours of reaching out, Treadway Equipped was on-site, getting things rolling with their trusted five-stage set-up process. Two weeks later, Auto Super Shoppes Taupō had a brand new Steiner six-tonne alignment hoist, FASEP wheel aligner, and a Steiner wheel balancer and tyre changer.

But here's the gold: Treadway Equipped didn't just drop off the gear and disappear. They backed it up with a bold promise, if Dean wasn't 100% happy, they'd sort it out, no sweat. Plus, they made sure the crew were masters of the new gear with some solid training.

The expansion means Auto Super Shoppes Taupō is now a one-stop automotive services shop; with the tyre bay, they're now able to offer wheel and tyre solutions as well as their core mechanical services, making sure they're the go-to spot for anything auto-related.

A further plus point is that the gear Treadway Equipped installed isn't just any old stuff — it's Steiner. Auto Super Shoppes’ brand values are all about quality, so Dean wasn’t going to take shortcuts when it comes to giving his customers the best.

Thanks to Blackfern Co-Operative and Treadway Equipped, Auto Super Shoppes Taupō is firing on all cylinders. Dean’s journey isn't just about expanding his business; it's about setting the bar high for services that workshops like his can offer customers and improving the chance for successful business outcomes in the process.

If you’re an auto workshop owner, similar opportunities are available to you; with a bit of vision, a dash of hustle, and an investment in quality, expansion of an existing business can lead to untapped gains longer term.