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Steiner Express service trolley increased efficiency for one happy customer.
Vaughan Tweedie
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Express-Bay-Trolley- in textMy personal experience in a workshop is minimal compared to others, but I have worked in a few doing a variety of jobs. My most recent workshop experience was repairing and replacing auto glass, which was a job I performed in two different workshops.

Both did the same job, but both performed the tasks uniquely, using different tools and different methods. Of course, a lot of it was similar and when finished the same results were achieved, but it showcased how different workshops can be even when performing the same job. As a worker of these workshops, the differences between the tools I was given in each one completely changed how I was able to do the job.

The differences could be minor but the newer more innovative tools always made it easier and were less straining on my body. For example, a windscreen stand that allowed me to place the screen upright before laying it down saved my back from overreaching with weight. Or the addition of safety steps to use on larger vehicles, to save doing damage by continually standing in the doorway - to the car or myself. Essentially, the more tools and safety equipment available to me, the more efficiently I could get the work done, without risking an accident.

One busy morning, I recall I had replaced two windscreens already by 11 am and the shop was bustling. The schedule, and therefore the carpark, were packed with jobs waiting to be started. It was mid-summer and road works were in full swing, causing chips and cracks on all the windshields of Northland, who seemed to all be coming in for a repair on that day. A little stressed and slightly overwhelmed, my colleague in the work bay across from me was cutting the urethane away from the rear screen of a van. He had done everything correctly and was wearing all the right safety gear and was actually quite experienced with the work. He knew what he was doing, so didn’t require any guidance. However, the space he was working in was new to him, so he was unfamiliar with his environment. He had parked the van in nose first toward his bench that held all his tools, which meant he needed to walk back and forwards too much. Eventually, he figured he was better to scoop up all the tools he required, but with no portable tool case to keep them in, he was forced to place them down around himself. Props to him; he managed to get the job done to a very high standard but also managed to lose a very important tool in the process because he forgot where he placed it down. If he had use of a toolbox on wheels, then he simply could have wheeled his tools to the required location and had it right next to him the entire time. This would have saved him walking backwards and forwards, consequently saving time, and it would have kept him organized, so he could focus on the work at hand, instead of where he can put his tools down.

Organisation and efficiency in a workshop are key to performing quality work and achieving high customer satisfaction.

If technicians are trudging around looking for tools, then they aren’t moving jobs forward. The fewer jobs are moved forward, the slower they get finished and subsequently the number of jobs your workshop can perform daily decreases, damaging your bottom dollar. This is why investment in the workshop and the tools that go into it is always worthwhile. The right tools with the best quality will always improve business performance, so they pay for themselves and more!

There are many ways to up the efficiency of your workshop, and Treadway Equipped are excited to be the providers of innovative equipment to help you achieve this. The Steiner Express Trolley is another amazing piece of equipment to help you increase the services your workshop can perform daily and give you more revenue. Don’t let your technicians run back and forth whenever they need a tool; The Steiner Express Service Trolley lets them have everything they need for a service at their fingertips. It even has a self-priming spill-proof suction system for bleeding the brakes, with built-in waste fluid containment to hold it in during the service so the technician can continue servicing the vehicle and deal with brake fluid afterwards. The Steiner is manufactured from high-grade mild steel to ensure durability and longevity. This strong support frame means there is very minimal swaying or movement and the solid welded frame is constructed to allow easy maintenance of each component, so you can keep it in prime condition.  Finally, there is the Wheel Dolly on the front that will allow you to remove a wheel from a vehicle while it's up on a Two-Post Hoist without putting any strain on your back.

The increase in efficiency the Steiner Express Trolley can offer your workshop is exciting, because even if it allows you to perform just one extra service per day, the long-term benefits mean more revenue and growing business. Get Organized and Efficient with Treadway Equipped and reap the benefits.

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