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When putting your workshop together it’s important to invest in the right equipment. 
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Love where you workWhen putting your workshop together it’s important to invest in the right equipment. Getting the basics of safety and reliability sorted out is key, but after that speed, efficiency, and flexibility, features come into play.

Let’s face it, when you’re in your workshop over 40 hours a week you need your workspace to be a place you and your team want to work, with equipment you want to use, and an aesthetic that lets your customers know you’re a pro.

Nearly every workshop needs a hoist. Steiner fills that need with a range that can tick the boxes of any size business.

The Steiner LT235CFPRO is perfect for a professional workshop. The large, double screw, patented lift pads on asymmetric, telescopic arms give optimal lifting positions whilst ensuring working access to the vehicle is free. The longitudinal welding and post design gives a stronger post, that takes up less space and adds to vehicle accessibility.

European design and construction naturally means high safety standards with the Steiner LT235CFPRO meeting multiple industry and EU wide safety standards. A self-diagnosis system checks and informs of any issues, whilst the automatic lubrication system ensures smooth running for low maintenance worry free ownership.

The electromechanical screw system gives a high level of durability with cold rolled steel spindles and 2 strong 2.4kw motors that drive the lifting arms on high quality nylon nut sets. This all means that the Steiner LT235CFPRO delivers a smooth, quiet, precise lift that is unobtainable with a standard hydraulic 2 post.

The 3.5 tonne lift capacity is more than ample for cars, utes and vans. The overhead bar can be adjusted to allow any vehicle to fit. The 2795mm clearance between lifting posts is generous but can be pushed further out if required.

“Workshop owners call us and ask for Steiner, and it’s not hard to understand why.” says Loren Bill Sales Director.

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