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The Steiner 4.5t Hydraulic 2 Post is perfect for dealerships and busy workshops.
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Every hoist owner knows safety, vehicle accessibility and reliability are key considerations when buying new equipment. The new Steiner LT245CF delivers these with ease. The S-Bend columns add rigidity and strength, they also hide the cabling and protect the rams whilst giving a clean and crisp look. The motor is placed high up the column moving it out of the way and reducing the chance of it being knocked by a head or a vehicle.

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This is an easy to operate lift with single button operations. On button for up, one for lock and one for down. When lowering, the carriage first lifts releasing the safety locks. The lift will then lower, no need to manually release the locks meaning only one hand is needed to operate the lift.

Getting a vehicle positioned for the lift is made simple with asymmetrical easy reach arms. The LT245CF comes with height adaptors with a tab ensuring they sit in place and there is no way that they can slip, there is also a storage place on the side of the hoist to help keep the clean aesthetic.

The maximum lifting height is just shy of 2m (199cm), that means tall technicians can comfortably work under the vehicle. The overall lift height of 3.9m is ample for cars, SUVs and mid-sized vans. The top travel limit switch prevents over lifting, a padded overhead limit bar will also stop the lift as an extra precaution. Safety plastic barriers on either side of the columns stop doors being damaged whilst the vehicle is being worked on.

The Steiner LT245CF features a lifting arm resistance system, making sure that the arms are locked securely with a lateral locking force.  The main locking half circle is machined steel rather than cast, giving it extra strength. The teeth are sturdy deep grooves to reduce the risk of the arms slipping. When fully lowered the arm locks are released making it easy to swing them out of the way. If required, the locks can be manually released by lifting the lock knobs.

When looking for a hoist that won’t damage your customers vehicles, won’t be a pain to work with or under, and has the strength and reliability to go on and on then consider the Steiner LT245CF.

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