Kellys Automotive Chooses Steiner And FASEP

Kelly’s Automotive leaned towards European workshop equipment but looks aren’t everything
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kelly in textNorthland’s European car specialist, Kelly’s Automotive, had a natural inclination to check out European workshop equipment but it was the whole package that completed the deal. Kelly’s Stefan said the Whangarei company needed to expand and had run out of space at its premises in Herekino St so it opened a new workshop just down the road. This would be their ‘dialogue reception area’ as well as their wheel servicing and tuning area. The new space needed a tyre changer, wheel balancer, and hoist.

The European-style dialogue reception involves an underbody inspection of the vehicle with the customer as part of the vehicle induction process, this means the hoist needs to be fast and smooth. Owners of European vehicles expect to see quality equipment in the workshop and the Steiner hoists fitted the bill, being fast, efficient, and good looking.

"We have developed a good relationship with Treadway Equipped because they are also fast and efficient" says Stefan.

The compact size of the Steiner Pro LT240CFPRO hoist’s columns and footplates were also a plus as the new space was long but quite narrow.

Stefan and partner Jaques entire careers have been in European car dealerships. The present workforce of 13 specialises in VW, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Land Rover, and electric vehicles.

The Treadway Equipped installation also included a Fasep V548 Wheel Balancer and a Steiner ST260 tyre changer. Treadway Equipped’s sales manager Loren Bill says Steiner equipment is being well received in the market.

"The quality of Steiner speaks for itself; we’re seeing it selected by dealerships and premium brands frequently," says Loren.

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