Introducing the Steiner LT300S Mid Rise Scissor Lift

The ideal choice for workshops that specialise in panel beating, vehicle graphics, tyre, suspension, brake work.
Published AutoChannel Issue 58
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Treadway Equipped, a leading supplier of auto workshop equipment in New Zealand, is proud to announce the launch of the Steiner LT300S-MR mid-rise scissor lift. This versatile and portable lift is a strong addition to the range of hoists and auto workshop equipment offered by Treadway Equipped.

The Steiner LT300S-MR is an ideal choice for workshops that specialise in panel beating, vehicle graphics, tyre, suspension, and brake work. It is also perfect for the home enthusiast who no longer wants to work from jacks. The lift is designed to be easily moved and set up in different locations as needed, providing excellent flexibility and convenience with the included portability kit.

With a 3000kg lift capacity, the Steiner LT300S-MR is a good fit for light passenger vehicles. The platform is raised by a pair of hydraulic rams below each runway, leaving a clear space between the runways for easy access to the underside of the vehicle. The runways are physically synchronised with a torsion bar, making for a smooth, even, and controlled lift.

The adjustable approach ramps can quickly be locked into place, extending the length of the platform to 2045mm. The overall lift height is 1020mm, while the lowered platform sits at 110mm. As a safety measure, the LT300S-MR stops 300mm from the ground when lowering, and the override button must be pressed to complete lowering. This safety feature allows the operator to check the floor for obstructions before the platform is fully lowered.

Included with the Steiner LT300S-MR are eight heavy-duty lifting blocks, including four 38mm and four 75mm blocks. These blocks are designed to provide support and stability during lifting, ensuring that vehicles are raised safely and securely.
The Steiner LT300S-MR comes with a three-year warranty and is backed by Treadway Equipped's Satisfaction Promise. This mid-rise scissor lift is built to last and provides a safe and reliable solution for lifting vehicles.

“We are excited to offer the Steiner LT300S-MR to our customers,” says sales manager Loren Bill. “This lift is perfect for workshops and home enthusiasts who need a versatile and portable solution for lifting vehicles. With its strong lift capacity and safety features, the LT300S-MR is an excellent addition to our range of auto workshop equipment.”

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