Hoists Single Phase or 3 Phase?

What is right for you single or 3 phase motors
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Single phase motors on 2 Post lifts have become a lot more common in recent years, so, what to consider when choosing between a single and 3 phase hoist?

Three phase and single-phase power units are very similar in price these days so let’s look at the 2 options:

Single Phase

  • Single phase is far more common in smaller workshops and home garages
  • Easy to wire and more cost-effective to wire in
  • Very little operational difference on motors under 3HP
  • Can use on up to 4 Tonne load Capacity

Three Phase

  • More efficient use of power
  • Can handle Heavy lifts with bigger capacities, i.e. 25 tonne
  • More technical to install

Single phase is fine for smaller workshops and garages but if you have three Phase power available normally it would make sense from a life-time value point of view to use it.  Usage is important as well, if it is a lift in a high-use environment, definitely go with a 3-phase motor.

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