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Keppler was undertaking the building of a new dealership to house their new car brands GWM, Haval, and Mahindra. These brands have a mixture of ICE (internal combustion engines) and EVs that all must be catered to. The Keppler family had a clear vision of the look and feel of the workshop that was in keeping with their brand. They required a partner who could work with their builders and subcontractors to ensure the project’s smooth and timely delivery. “The project was a massive undertaking for us,” says Darryl, the After Sales Manager, “but it was made so easy with the communication from Equipped”.

Treadway Equipped invested significant time in the early stages to get a clear picture of the scope and vision that directors Sean and Aaron Keppler had for this project. This allowed Equipped to put together a layout and package of products that matched their budget, achieved the technical capacity required and fitted perfectly with the colour scheme and look they were after.

Throughout the delivery of the project, Equipped had regular meetings with the builders and other contractors to ensure everything came together. “The time spent with the sparky early in the build meant the final installation and commissioning went so much smoother,” says Equipped’s Sales Director Loren Bill.

Once the team had moved into the new space, Equipped completed a training process on the equipment over several weeks to ensure the new skills had been properly embedded into the technicians.

Treadway Equipped handled everything from hoists to cabinetry and parts racking to alignment equipment. “Dealing with one contact for the complete fitout made it so easy and took a lot of pressure out of the project,” says Sean, “right from point one Treadway has been there beside us, giving information on everything that goes into a new fitout. This is one of the largest projects we’ve ever undertaken, and I wouldn’t hesitate to partner with them again on our next project”.

Equipment specified in this fitout

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