Heavy Lifting Made Easy

A Steiner Professional Series hoist fits the bill for some serious hard work.
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heavy lifting  ute  in textA Steiner Professional Series hoist fits the bill for some serious hard work.

Grant Forrest did some thorough research before he invested in a new hoist for his workshop. Harris Tyres, his family-run business in Gisborne, needed a resilient hoist that would stand up to the rigours of dealing with hardworking trucking, forestry, and agricultural vehicles.

Grant chose a Steiner Professional Series Two-Post hoist. “A lot of our work on the hoist is doing jobs on Hilux and Ford Rangers, installing four-wheel-drive bull bars and lift kits, and the Steiner really fit the bill,” he says.

The asymmetrical design of the lift arms means that getting vehicles on and off the hoist is quick and easy, and the way the vehicle is positioned on the arms is very convenient for opening doors. The unique asymmetric arm design also means the hoist has a smaller footprint in the workshop, but is still capable of lifting everything from smart cars through to trucks.

“The fact that it has direct-drive hydraulics rather than pulleys was another bonus. There’s less maintenance and the lift time is a lot faster.”

This speeds up the turnaround times for the busy tyre centre.

“It’s very low-maintenance, which was important, as we have less downtime than a cable system.”

Grant says that he was impressed with the quality of the Steiner, with details such as the clean finish and clear floor area with nothing obtrusive being definite pluses.

“It’s got a powder-coated finish, not paint, so it is really robust. When the guy came to install the Steiner hoist he remarked on the fact that unlike many hoists he deals with, all the bolts on the Steiner were countersunk, resulting in a smooth finish. That’s great because we don’t knock our elbows anymore,” he says laughing.

Steiner Professional Series hoists are built to European standards. Steiner Sales manager Loren Bill says, “It’s hard to beat the quality of equipment coming out of Europe right now.”

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