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Would you like an alignment with that? 
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wheel aligner intextA fantastic question anyone buying tyres should be asked. Not only are they being asked if they would like an alignment, they are being asked if they would care to prolong the life of their new tyres in order to get maximum value from them. They are being asked if they would like to increase their fuel efficiency, improve steering and deal with less auto repairs in the future.

The ability to educate a customer on this and offer the service whilst replacing their tyres is extremely valuable. That customer will be able to notice the difference in their car’s performance and in their wallets, when they find the valuable benefits of retaining their wheels alignment. Additionally, that customer whom is now educated on the matter, will continue to return for that service, knowing it is in their best interests. When it eventually comes time to replace the tyres again, that customer will come back once more, remembering the service and value they received last time. 

Conversely, a customer who buys tyres and isn’t offered a wheel alignment service, will drive away completely unaligned and unaware. Unaware their fuel efficiency has dropped by up to 10% due to their misaligned tyres dragging instead of rolling, which also escalates tyre wear. Unaware that more damage can occur to their vehicle when their wheels aren’t straight, simply by hitting a pothole. Unaware, because the shop who fit their tyres didn’t offer to educate and realign them. 

Essentially, aligned cars are safer cars, and safer cars keep people alive. Unfortunately, not everyone who owns and drives a car, is completely educated on how their car works and runs, other than what they can operate from the driver’s seat. So, it could almost be seen as a duty to those who are in the know to ensure everyone drives away safely. Doing so would have huge moral and financial benefits for a business offering these services and promoting them in a friendly, educational fashion. 

Not all businesses who sell tyres offer wheel alignments and some that do, may not be able to offer the service during the weekends. Wheel alignment can be an elaborate process, and many customers purchasing tyres on weekends may encounter a busy tyre shop, possibly with one or two staff only, available for service. In these cases, they may not be able to offer alignments, which means their customers drive away, potentially unsafe. This isn’t ideal, especially if you would like them to be a returning customer. Fortunately, technology is helping to make processes such as aligning wheels, simpler and more streamlined, with innovations such as the FASEP VCO-K2 Wheel Aligner.

The FASEP VCO-K2 Wheel Aligner is 100% designed, built and tested in Italy and utilizes only the latest technology, reducing preparation time by up to 80%. This is thanks to its user-friendly software with simple navigation, reducing time spent training and setting up. The more user-friendly the equipment is, the more likely staff in a busy tyre shop will be able to offer the upsell, as they would be up to 80% less pushed for time. It also reduces set up time with its simple yet intelligent contact clamp design which easily attaches to all wheel types, from lowered to off road, with no need to remove hubcaps. For businesses running reduced staff on weekends, but still wanting to ensure their customers get full value when buying tyres, supplying their workshop with new technology like the FASEP is the best place to begin.

Additionally, the FASEPS sensors measure only along the car, meaning its measurements are as accurate as a 3D system, without taking up as much workshop room or being as expensive. For any workshop intending to be ahead of the game in terms of speed of service and increasing value for their customers while being cost-effective, upgrading to new technology like the FASEP should never be overlooked. Any money spent on technological upgrades are investments in futureproofing your business.

We are New Zealanders, and we drive our cars on gravel roads, with a million potholes to dodge. Even on sealed roads, potholes are still unavoidable, meaning our vehicles are constantly stressed by impact, pushing them out of alignment and wearing their tyres. This means keeping cars on New Zealand roads safe and aligned is even more vital. It can almost be guaranteed that at least one in three cars that are offered an alignment when replacing tyres, will be unaligned. If given the opportunity, any smart customer will say yes to the service, which is not only a simple upsell, but comes with the moral high ground of knowing they are driving away in safety. If you want to ensure this for your customers, Treadway Equipped can help, by supplying tools and equipment with the best and latest technology so your shop can hum with efficiency, well into the future. Equipment like the FASEP VCO-K2 Wheel Aligner, as well as vehicle lifts, workshop cabinetry, tyre changers, wheel balancers, compressors and much, much more for the advancement of your workshop.

Keeping up with the latest technologies means you and your staff will always be able to ask, “Would you like an alignment with that?

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