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Setting up a new workshop can be a step into the unknown
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Fil Motors in textSetting up a new workshop can be a step into the unknown — selecting new workshop equipment without a demand history to base it on 

One of the main challenges in starting up a new workshop from scratch is working out how to apportion the business’s machinery budget to meet as yet unproven needs. In 2021 Melchor Turija took on just this challenge, opening Fil Motors in Christchurch. Fil Motors specialises in automotive mechanical repairs, servicing and WoF checks. 

Melchor needed to decide which equipment would be the best fit for his workshop, but one of the problems he hadn’t anticipated about creating a new business was getting timely responses to his enquiries. Treadway Equipped was among the exceptions, being quick to reply and a proposal quote from Equipment Specialist Mary Woolhouse followed soon after.  

Mary worked closely with Melchor to come up with solutions for his workshop within his price range that would suit his business plan. Being a full service workshop equipment provider, Treadway Equipped furnished Melchor with recommendations and quotes for all the major plant he needed. “The combination of a timely response from Treadway Equipped as well as being able to provide a majority of the workshop fit out meant I got the ball moving on my new project a lot quicker,” says Melchor. 

Melchor purchased three Steiner 4-tonne 2-post hoists, a Steiner tyre changer, a Steiner wheel aligner, compressor and Compac transmission jack. The decision to purchase three hoists of the same specification worked well for Melchor as the lift offers a versatile capacity of 4000kg, adjustable lifting heights to suit the ceiling, and dual hydraulic cylinders, as well as being European certified and having a 3-year warranty. Melchor says the Steiner tyre changer and wheel balancer combo was the perfect pick for a start up as they provide good value while having the capacity to handle increased demand as the business grows. 

“They are cost effective for a start while being a great addition in any workshop that wants to operate a tyre bay to expand potential revenue,” Melchor says.  They came with a 2-year warranty and Treadway Equipped’s 100-day promise. If Melchor decided he was not 100% satisfied within 100 days Equipped would repair, replace or refund the equipment free of charge.  

One year on and Fil Motors business is growing, so much so they needed more equipment. Melchor found the Steiner hoists purchased in 2021 very reliable, so he said  it was “a no brainer” that his new alignment hoist should be another Steiner. Melchor returned to Treadway Equipped, and working with Mary again  he decided to purchase the Steiner 4-tonne 4-post alignment hoist. The LT440A offers the benefits of a 4-post, electro-air control operation system, mechanical self-lock and air-driven safety release, as well as electrical hydraulic power system, cable driven. We had space in the workshop — it was a tyre business before and they had an aligner there — but this was a space saving design and it offers lots of space to work around it.” 

Next Mechor had to select a wheel aligner. He went for the Fasep VCO-K.Eco wheel aligner, a premium wheel aligner from Italy. Fasep developed its first electronic wheel aligner in 1974 and the company has been at the forefront of European wheel alignment technology ever since. The FASEP is PC and wireless based, suitable for anything from a car to light trucks. Mechor liked the design, which does without a moving camera bar, and he said it’s faster than other aligners. It features a guided wheel alignment procedure with 3D animations, and again it doesn’t take up much space in the workshop. 

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