Fasep Balancer Makes Light Work Of Wheels

A fast wheel balancer with a built-in wheel lifter makes a winning combination for high output wheel shops
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20210125-102802  in textGraeme Jordan of Whangaparaoa’s Peninsula Motors was looking for a quality wheel balancer. He wanted speed as well as accurate balancing. Graeme’s customers do a lot of motorway driving, so an accurate balancer was essential.

He talked to the team at Treadway Equipped and selected the Fasep V648 as a good fit for his business. Italian brands have a strong reputation in wheel-handling technology and Treadway Equipped marketing manager Stu Woodbridge says the V648, powered by the Fasep’s three-phase inverter G3 Extreme motor, is “the Rolls-Royce of Italian wheel balancers”.

Fasep is known for producing high-quality wheel equipment for modern workshops, and the V648 wheel balancer is no exception. This machine delivers innovative labour-saving features that can really speed up the job and improve workshop efficiency.

Looking after your staff is increasingly important in running an efficient workshop and large wheel and tyre combinations can put a lot of physical strain on staff, especially in a high-volume environment. This machine is equipped with a wheel lifter that lifts and loads the wheel onto the main shaft so the operator really only has to secure it with a quick locknut. The innovative design of the shaft, using a bell flange, dramatically improves accuracy and the hassle of mounting the tyre centrally on the shaft.

Once the locking nut is on, the press of a pedal triggers the pneumatic locking mechanism, resulting in effortless, accurate clamping.

The press of a button then triggers the alignment process. The 3D touchless system automatically measures the wheel data — distance, diameter, and width — using three triangulated sensors, for alloys or steel rims. It measures the run-out of the tyre and rim within 1mm accuracy. It can then calculate the best wheel placement on the vehicle to minimise vehicle drift. Two lasers indicate the weight positioning for clip-on or stick-on weights, with pinpoint accuracy.

The balancing process is fast. The G3 motor delivers a cycle time — with start, braking, and automatic wheel positioning — of 5.5 seconds. Stu says the speed and accuracy of the Fasep V648 and the physical effort it saves the operator make a winning combination for a high-end workshop. “And being Italian, it looks good too,” he adds.

Check out the Fasep V648 here.

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