FASEP A Clear Winner For Tyre Shops

Treadway Equipped team take Italian FASEP wheel aligner on tour.
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FASEP a clear winner for tyre shops in textItalian brands have a strong reputation in wheel-handling technology; FASEP have been designing and manufacturing wheel alignment systems and tyre balancing machines since 1969.  In 1974 they developed the electronic wheel aligner and have been a world leader ever since.

“Our customers have been impressed with FASEP and the speed of the set up on the aligners” says Loren Bill, Sales Manger at Treadway Equipped. “Now we’re taking them on the road to let workshop owners see how good they are for themselves.”

Treadway Equipped has built its reputation on tailoring its solutions to workshops’ needs, including giving them the support and training they need to make the most of their new equipment. Helping workshop owners generate efficiencies through correct equipment choice is a big part of their offing and one of reasons they are taking the worlds fastest wheel aligner on the road.

“Getting the right equipment can be a big decision and a big investment,” Loren says. “We help remove the risk with demonstrations, trial periods and if required lease to own or finance options.” 

Treadway will be traveling New Zealand over the next few months with FASEP aligners for obligation free demonstrations. Contact the Treadway Equipped team today for more information.