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When it comes to the big lift, safety and reliability are paramount.

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When it comes to the big lift, safety and reliability are paramount. The design of Steiner’s European-certified heavy four-post lifts shows their commitment to assured safety over the long term

Everything about Steiner Professional speaks heavy duty. The Steiner Professional Series of heavy four-post hoists has a range of lifting capacities. At the lighter end sit the eight and 12-tonne lifts with a 6.3m runway. The 16, 28, 25 and 30-tonne hoists come with an extended 8m runway.

The shape of the polygonal columns is designed to achieve and maintain strength. Notably, they have no long longitudinal welds giving them uniform and increased robustness throughout their full length. It’s this kind of thinking that sets the Steiner apart from other hoists.

The electro-hydraulic lifting system is operated by a special double piston cylinder. In addition to the safety locking system, these hoists also incorporate a ‘slack cable’ safety backup whereby the lock will activate in the event of a cable snap or breakage.

The cable used in these four-posts is a heavy-duty aircraft cable specifically designed for longevity. They come with built-in lubrication which extends service life, reducing wear, increasing longevity, and making maintenance easier.

As a final step, every Steiner Professional hoist is run through a series of rigorous safety and quality checks before leaving the factory in Spain.

When it comes to moving the big stuff, mobile hydraulic columns that can be easily manoeuvred to sit in exactly the right spot to lift trucks, buses or trailers — such as the Steiner 7.5 tonne wireless hydraulic column lift — fit the bill. The 240V DC power system is easily recharged with the built in chargers. As standard offering, these columns also come with a fully adjustable fork that can handle wheel diameters from 560mm to 1140mm. Having a compact base of 1275mm x 1100mm these columns are very easy to move around and set up. Steiner Mobile columns are also available in a 5.5-tonne wired version.

All Steiner Professional hoists come with a five year warranty.

“These hoists are incredibly reliable,” says Treadway Equipped Sales Director Loren Bill. “We have no hesitation to cover these in our 100 day, 100 per cent satisfaction promise.”

Heavy vehicle workshop owners should contact Treadway Equipped to discuss their heavy lifting needs on 0800 436 436, or see our lifts here.

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