Efficiencies Gained Bringing Services In House

Kawerau Automotive Mechanics says its decision to bring wheel servicing in house has paid off.
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staff3-466 in textWorkshop manager Rod Stephenson said the garage used to send tyre work down the road to a tyre shop but the team decided they might as well bring tyre changing and balancing into the business. It would add a small margin but the main benefit was in extra convenience.

“I hadn’t done it [tyre changing] before so I didn’t know what [equipment] was good or bad,”  says Rod. Treadway Equipped was contacted and they assessed the workshop’s needs recommended a Steiner ST260 with helper arm, then they handled the installation and training. One year on, Rod says he is “more than happy” with the gear and the ongoing support from Treadway Equipped.

“It was a bit of a learning curve and while it would have been ideal to have someone on the spot sometimes, once or twice we’ve called up and worked through it on the phone.” 

The Steiner ST260’s large turntable with an 11- to 24-inch clamping range handles larger wheels and tyres, as well as standard sizes and smaller rims. While the ST260 is designed for dealerships and smaller workshops looking to add a tyre changing capability, the generous spacing between the table and rear post gives the ST260 the flexibility to tackle anything on the domestic market. Wheels and tyres up to 1.1m in diameter are not a problem. The bead breaker has adjustable width settings, and is generously wide, giving the capability to deal with wider rims, and even some agricultural wheels. The solid double box construction of the rear post prevents movement on the mounting arm and that in turn prevents scratching or damage to the rim or tyre. This feature was important to McGlashen’s hire car business where pristine presentation is important.

The optional helper arms give extra support when dealing with hard-to-handle tyres, like run flats, low profiles, or tyres that have been in place a long time. The added degree of control and care lowers the risk of damage to the tyre or rim when putting a tyre back on. It’s literally like having an extra set of hands to hold, move, and massage a tyre on and off the rim.

“It’s all about getting the right equipment for the customer and then making sure they get the most out of it for their business, especially if it’s a service new to them,” said Loren Bill, sales manager at Treadway Equipped.

One year on and the Steiner ST260 is still going strong, as is the Kawerau Automotive Mechanics/Treadway Equipped relationship.

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