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Fitting out or adding new workshop equipment is a big investment and Treadway Equipped puts extra effort into getting it right.

Treadway Equipped specialises in supplying workshop equipment and giving technicians a head start with it. The company also supplies the consumables workshops need to keep running.


Treadway Equipped has built its reputation on tailoring its solutions to workshops’ needs, including giving them the support and training they need to make the most of their new equipment.

Sales manager Loren Bill says the company is so confident in matching the customers with the right gear, it offers a 100/100 guarantee. “Because of our process in ensuring the right gear is recommended we are completely comfortable in saying that after 100 days you will be 100 percent satisfied that it is the right equipment for you to do your job the best way you can. If not, we will repair, replace or refund in full.”

Three generations
Loren says the company has three generations of expertise and knowledge in the automotive workshop industry and, as they are also working in a family business, their people understand the needs and challenges of other family-run businesses. But the company also has the depth of experience and expertise needed to provide professional services to franchises, networks and nationwide dealerships.
Loren says Treadway Equipped

focuses on the business’s needs and the way it operates before moving onto selecting equipment.

“We can assess a workshop and help find efficiencies either through layout or equipment that is a better fit for space and customer type,” Loren says. The company has also developed a range of options that help companies transition into new areas or new ways of working.

“Getting the right equipment can be a big decision and a big investment,” he says. “We help remove the risk with trial periods and if required lease to own or finance options.

“At the end of the day, we want our customers to succeed. That means equipment that they can rely on day in, day out at a cost of ownership that lets their business thrive.”

Added value
That change can be big or as small as adding a tyre machine into a mechanical workshop to create an additional revenue stream. As the number of vehicle service bays in a workshop creates a natural limit to throughput, adding a tyre changer, wheel aligner or brake lathe can create valuable new revenue streams. It also offers efficiencies that keep customers happy with a one-stop solution.

Shane Shaw at R&S Auto Haruru Falls, near Paihia, is one of a number of Treadway Equipped customers who have recently added a Steiner tyre changer machine replacing and upgrading older gear.

Shane says he’s gone for a model with a helper arm and an adapter for smaller wheels. He also took advantage of Treadway Equipped’s training and the high standard of follow-up support. “I’m now looking at replacing the wheel balancer too,” he says.

The Steiner machine offers the features of more expensive machines, with the power needed to handle big wheels and low-profile tyres, as well as the tough tyres used on utes and light trucks. Its good value pricing makes it an ideal choice for its role as an add-on to this mechanical workshop.

“High build quality and reliability have proven Steiner to be a leader,” says Loren.

Treadway Equipped places the emphasis on ‘right-sizing’ equipment for workshops and delivering long-term value over up-selling into equipment that might not be fully utilised.

Steiner offers a range of wheel and tyre machines and lifts but Treadway Equipped represents a range of robust and proven brands, through to market leaders such as Italian Fasep wheel aligners. Training on new equipment is all part of the service.

“For example, on our aligners, we offer two days of training which can be spread out overtime to get the most out of our trainers,” says Loren. “Also, there’s the full service and databank update packages we offer to ensure your maintenance costs are known and fixed for years to come. We also offer finance options so you can start earning a return on the equipment without tying up your cash.

“We really enjoy seeing a customer’s business grow from the extra effort we went to in understanding their needs helping them make the right decision for them,” says Loren.

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