Building customers for life

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Building customers for life is essential for car dealerships. When customers have a great experience at a dealership, they are more likely to return for future purchases, maintenance, and repairs. They also become advocates for the dealership, telling their friends and family about their positive experiences. 

Loyal customers are also more likely to spend more money and purchase additional services or products, leading to increased sales revenue. This can be especially beneficial during times of economic uncertainty or when there is increased competition.

Moreover, customers who have established a long-term relationship with a dealership are more likely to forgive occasional mistakes or errors in service. This can help maintain the dealership's reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

Building customers for life is a sustainable business strategy that helps create a stable and reliable customer base. This can lead to better financial performance, growth, and a competitive advantage for the dealership.

Service Advisors play a vital role in this journey by acting as a bridge between the technicians and the customer, establishing strong customer relationships, and providing opportunities for the sales team.

As a Service Advisor, handling customers professionally, especially when communicating with them over the phone is essential. Here are some tips to help you become a customer service star:

Answer the phone with a smile

Always put a big smile on your face when answering the phone, even if you are having a bad day. This will make the caller feel welcomed and appreciated.

Be prepared

Keep a notepad and pen ready to jot down the customer's vehicle model, make, and license plate. This will show the caller that you are attentive and detail oriented.

Help a caller become a customer

An easy way for a customer to start a conversation and compare services is to ask about price. Instead of getting disheartened when a caller asks for pricing, try to understand their current vehicle challenges and what is most important to them. Clarify their needs and offer a solution that fits their budget and timeline.

Build a connection

Ask the caller how they heard about your dealership, and if it's a referral, use this opportunity to establish a connection and sell yourself. Be considerate and helpful; they are probably frustrated with the fault on their car.

Quote the price

Be transparent about pricing, as potential customers have access to a lot of information and have likely done their research. Provide clear and simple pricing and follow up with a quick solution to their problem. Always ask for the sale.

Follow through

Be clear about the services your workshop can offer and check if there are other offerings that the customer would like to take advantage of while their vehicle is with you. In today's world, a dealership should be able to offer all the services a customer would need for their vehicle.

As our society becomes more digital-focused with online bookings and automated responses the personable, diligent Service Assistant can make your business shine and create customers for life.