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When it comes to running a top-notch tyre shop, Steve and his crew at Advantage Tyres Hamilton know the drill. Their purpose-built facility in Hamilton, boasts efficiency and professionalism at every turn. But even the best needs an upgrade now and then, especially when it comes to handling large fleet jobs offsite. That's where the game-changing addition of the FASEP RGU.2671.G comes into play, transforming the way Advantage Tyres serves its commercial clients.

Fleet services are a significant part of Advantage Tyres' operations, with a fleet of over six trucks and utes catering to the needs of the Waikato region. While traditional methods like hammers and levers worked fine for single blowouts, tackling multiple onsite tyre changes presented a whole new set of challenges. Steve knew there had to be a better way to handle these jobs efficiently and reached out to Treadway Equipped.

Collaborating closely, Treadway Equipped meticulously scoped out the project, identifying pain points and tailoring a solution to fit Advantage Tyres' needs perfectly. The result? A solution that increased productivity, relieved health and safety concerns and significantly reduced the amount of physical effort required to change a commercial tyre offsite. Treadway Equipped recommended the FASEP RGU.2671.G Mobile Truck Tyre Changer, a game-changer in the world of fleet tyre service.

This state-of-the-art tyre changer boasts a compact design that's perfect for installation on mobile service vans, making it the ideal companion for Advantage Tyres' offsite jobs. With features like a liquid-cooled diesel generator, a high-powered bead breaker, a compressor, and ample air tank capacity, it's equipped to handle even the toughest tyre changes with ease.

The implementation process was smooth sailing, with Treadway Equipped working hand in hand with Sokoza Engineering to complete the full fit-out of Advantage Tyres' van. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Staff morale received a boost, thanks to the newfound efficiency and ease of use of the new equipment.

Making auto workshops more productive and places technicians want to work in is what we love to deliver” – Loren Bill, Sales Director, Treadway Equipped.

But perhaps the most significant impact was on productivity. Previously, after completing a full tyre change onsite, technicians would often experience a slowdown for the rest of the day. With the FASEP RGU.2671.G in their arsenal, physical labour is reduced by a staggering 80%, allowing technicians to maintain peak productivity throughout the day. Advantage Tyres Hamilton can now tackle fleet jobs with confidence, knowing they have the tools to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

The addition of the FASEP RGU.2671.G has propelled Advantage Tyres Hamilton to new heights, setting them apart as the go-to destination for fleet tyre  service in the Waikato region. With its innovative design and unparalleled efficiency, it's no wonder Advantage Tyres is leading the charge in revolutionizing fleet tyre service.

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