5 Things You Must Know Before You Buy A 2 Post Lift

Insiders guide on buying a 2 post hoist
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When it comes to buying a 2 post hoist we have five key questions we always ask when talking to our customers. If you are clear on these five requirements then choosing a 2 post lift will be easy, will make it easier to compare different brands and can help avoid potential installation headaches.

Know the size of your workshop

Seems obvious,  but you will need enough space front and back to be able to position your vehicle safely on the hoist. Enough space on the sides to be able move around the vehicle and open the doors. Keep in mind any workshop draws or cabinets you’ll need to open that are nearby, or the space required by any service trolleys or tool stands you’ll want to have to hand when working.

What are the dimensions of the vehicles you want to lift. What will the drive through clearance, the distance between the columns, need to be. Are you dealing with a short wheelbase in which case an asymmetric hoist would be a good choice.

Choose between asymmetric and symmetric configuration

This really comes down to what it is you’re going to be lifting and how much access you need. On a Symmetrical lift the lifting arms are the same length and are configured to be parallel For SUVs and trucks a hoist with symmetric is fine, and might give better clearance. An asymmetric lift has the benefit of being able to set the length and angle between the arms independently. This means you can position the vehicle to get better access to doors or set the arms to swing under shorter wheelbase vehicles (like a mini cooper).

Weight capacity

How heavy are the vehicles you want to lift? Are your customers likely to leave heavy items, like tools, in the vehicle. The average weight of a sedan is below 1500kg, with SUVs like Ford Rangers, Audi Q7s, and Land Rovers coming in closer to 3500kg. Treadway Equipped has 2 Post Hoists with lifting capacities from 3500kg to 6000kg, so it’s no surprise that the LT245CF Steiner 4500kg Asymmetric 2 Post Clear Floor is a very popular hoist. Check the weight of the heaviest vehicle you plan to life as a guide.

Your floor

Will your flooring be able to support the lift? Concrete floor requirements can change depending on what two-post lift you pick. You must know the thickness of the existing concrete pad as floor requirements can vary from 100mm upwards depending on the capacity of the hoist. Having this detail to hand will ensure product selection and installation goes smoothly.

Lift Accessories

Once you have the vehicle lifted on the hoist what accessories will you need to complete your servicing? Will you need oil and fluid management tools like an oil drain, transmission jack or high lift jacks?

Always get any additional equipment you may require quoted at the same time as your hoist, this will ensure you’ll have all the kit you need and are ready to go after your hoist is installed. If you’re looking at finance or leasing then these accessories can also be included in any agreement you make.

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