5 Symptoms Of A Bad Wheel Alignment That You Should Not Ignore

The longer you put off your wheel alignment the worse the damage will be!
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5 symptoms in textA poorly maintained road can be your wheel’s worst enemy. Driving through potholes or hitting a curb can surely affect the alignment of your wheels.Wheel alignmentenhances the optimal drivability of your vehicle and improves its performance, keeping your wheels drivingsmoothly. Plus,it helps your tyres extendits life span. It also saves a ton of fuel depending on the alignment required.

Your vehicle drifting heavily over to one side

If you are driving on a smooth road, and you notice that your wheels are drifting toward a particular side, take off your hands on your steering wheel to check, and let the vehicle guide itself on the road. If you notice that is drifting to one side, the wheels clearly needed to be realigned. If the vehicle is pulling more toward that side, the more you need a wheel alignment. Keeping this situation as-is, you’ll find that it is harder to keep your vehicle straight with your steering wheel.

If you notice this symptom, take your car to a professional mechanic and have your wheel alignmentdoneassoonas possible.

Wheel balance of your vehicle’s steering

If you are driving in a completely flat and straight road, your steering should be balanced and should perfectly remain centred. To test, just look at the emblem which lies at the centreof your steering wheel. If you notice that it stays at the same level as you, your steering wheel is balanced. But if it is over certain degrees off level in any direction, it is one of the symptoms that you need a wheel alignment right away. Once it is done, you’ll notice it is easier to drive after that.

Hard steering

As you hold your steering wheel, you feel too loose as you’re holding it. If you’re on a curvy road you experience hard steering as you turn the wheel and the vehicle will not move in the direction right away. There can be a lot of causes as to why this happens, but, there’s a chance that

alignment can be one. Regardless of the cause, always have your vehicle checked to avoid experiencing this symptom.

Your steering wheel vibrates

If you feel your steering wheel is vibrating as you drive, the cause is likely due to your alignment and balancing problem. Hitting to a pothole or something big on the road can cause your wheels to become misaligned. Vibration from your steering wheel can also indicate a much bigger problem to your vehicle. To avoid this symptom, get your vehicle checked regularly.

Uneven tyre wear

Having a bad wheel alignment of your wheels makes the tread on certain tyres of your car wear out faster than others--this is a symptom of a bad wheel alignment. If you notice that the rubber depth on both sides of each tyre didn’t match at all, then, the wheels are not properly aligned. Properly aligned wheels should have the same rubber depth.

These are the symptoms that you do not ignore. If you ignore these for some reasons, the problem is that the longer you ignore getting a proper wheel alignment, the bigger the damage it is to your tyres that will affect the driving performance of your vehicle. Therefore, do yourself a favour by not ignoring these symptoms which will prevent you from spending too much money fixing bigger problems with your vehicle.

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