Steiner Brake Lathe Disc & Drum

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The quality Steiner Brake Lathe is 100% made in Korea and an off-vehicle machine designed for machining both disc’s & drums. 

Due to the nature of the cast iron, the brake disc has a tendency to be reshaped by repeated tempering of heat, air, rain and snow.
The affect of these factors can cause DTV (Disc Thickness Variation), roughness and run out of the brake disc. In this context, disc machining is considered as the most efficient way to solve such braking problems.

It's an essential piece of equipment for tyre dealerships and vehicle repair shops.

Product Information

  • Designed & manufactured in South Korea
  • Control panel for the adjustment & setting of arbor & machining speeds
  • Automatic cut-off of the machine once machining has finished
  • Safety cover with built-in LED light for visibility
  • Heavy duty cast construction for precise machining results
  • Capable of machining all common vehicle discs and drums
  • Full range center cones, spaces and cups
  • 18 months warranty

Technical Features

Power Requirements 110-220v 1 phase 50/60Hz
Main Motor 1HP 1.714 RPM 15:1 ratio (geared ratio)
Feed Motor 2 Gear DC Motor
Arbor Speed 0-120 RPM
Drum/Rotor Feed Speed Variable
Drum Diameter 150mm-590mm
Drum Depth 140mm
Disk (Rotor) Size Maximum diameter 420mm
Disk (Rotor) Thickness 50mm
Arbor Diameter 30mm
Machine Weight 250kg
Description Documents Image gallery Enquire Now
Description Documents Image gallery Enquire Now
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