CRC Groomers Silicone 20 Litre

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CRC Groomers Silicone: Clear Multi-Purpose Enhancer, Lubricant and Protectant is a concentrated formula that provides a thin, durable, odourless film that revives, lubricates, waterproofs and protects.

CRC Groomers Silicone will not mark or stain and is ideal for use on all metal, plastic, rubber, fabric, wood and painted surfaces.


  • Automotive: CRC Groomers Silicone lubricates door locks, hinges, linkages, window guides and bushes. It preserves and protects rubber mouldings, weather strips, grommets, O Rings, rubber seals and mountings
  • It also restores tyre appearance and prevents bug accumulations on bumpers and grilles, where more specialised solvent-based restorers are unsuitable

Product Code: WT5829


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WT5829 CRC Groomers Silicone 20 Litre

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