Bio Wash Sanitiser / Disinfectant 15L

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BioWash is a sanitiser/disinfectant for a wide range of Agricultural and Horticultural applications as well as industrial use.

Active Ingredient: Contains stabilised chlorine dioxide 1000ppm, sodium bicarbonate and water.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low corrosion potential on infrastructure
  • Long stability during storage, up to 5 years in the original container
  • Has a deodorising effect by oxidising odour molecules
  • Residual activity over 7-14 days
  • Retains activity in both hard and soft water
  • MPI Approved

Application & Use:

BioWash should be diluted before use. In most applications, dilute BioWash should be sprayed onto the surface and left to dry. Under these circumstances, BioWash will have a residual killing action for up to 7 days.

Product Code: WT5911


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