FASEP Agricultural & Earthmover Tyre Changer RGU600E

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Changing tractor tyres just got easier with the RGU600E. The dimensions and work strokes have been thoughtfully engineered to ensure maximum effciency for the entire range of rim sizes this unit can handle.  It has an advanced electro-brake which allows immediate stopping of the rotation to avoid any damage to the tyre and 2 speed hydraulic movement allowing you to complete the change in record time without damage.  Complete with a stand-by system that turns the motors off after 5 seconds without being used, automatic rotating and lifting, and a wireless control panel this unit is the most advanced and safest available.

More technical features:

 Locking range 11" - 42"
Max wheel weight 2600kg
Max wheel diameter 2700mm
Max wheel width 1500mm
Bead breaker force inside 37000 N
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