Raasm Waste Oil Gravity Drainer 65L

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The 65 Litre Waste Oil Gravity Drainer is ideal for quick engine oil changes on any type of motor vehicle. Using the central bowl attached on the adjustable support, waste oil can be collected by gravity or by suction through the supplied probes. After depressurization, the drainer works independently without needing a continuous connection to the compressed air system. Can suck oil at 70-80 degrees celsius.  

Technical Features:

Tank Capacity 65 Litres
Max  Draining Capacity 52 Litres
Bowl Capacity 15 Litres
Discharging/suction hose Draining 2 m
Max Pressure for draining 0.5 bar
Weight 33kg
Dimensions (A) 60 cm
Dimensions (B) 42 cm
Dimensions (C) 127 cm
Ingrombo max (D) 178 cm

Caution: Do not suck brake fluids, fuels, flammable or corrosive liquids.

Product Code: WT5640


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