The Warning Signs Of Bad Wheel Alignment


The Warning Signs Of Bad Wheel Alignment

A poorly maintained road is the greatest enemy of the wheels. Uneven roads or potholes will mess up the alignment of the wheels. Sometimes, it seems like it is just a very small misalignment problem, but, this can still cause issues with your wheels and overall driving experience.

Misalignment of your wheels can’t notice simply be done by just looking at them. You should pay attention to the warning signs of bad wheel alignment. Once you notice them, maybe it’s time to take your vehicle to the shop.  


Below are the warning signs that will keep your vehicle in the right condition:

Car drift either in left or right direction

When you are on a smooth road and struggle to keep the wheels of your vehicle to keep straight, it is already a sign of bad alignment. A vehicle with a wheel issue makes it drift into one direction on a smooth road. To test, take your hands off the steering and see if it is drifting to the other side.


Irregular worn out of tires

Unfortunately, wheels won’t stay in their normal condition forever. All tyres have a lifespan. When they start to wear out and look completely like a flat rubber, then, it is no longer in its normal condition. Bad wheel alignment usually causes the tyre tread to thin out. You will start seeing breaks on the outside edges of your front tyres. Due to lack of tyre rotation, you may notice too much wear and tear on both the outside and the inside edges of your wheels.


Hard Steering

You will experience this kind of issue if you have a bad wheel alignment. Hard steering will be experienced as you go to turn the wheel on a busy road or a road full of curves. It will also cause problems with your suspension components later on. If you experience any unusual resistance as you steer, it may be a good sign to see your mechanic right away.


Vibrating Steering Wheel

Having a bad wheel alignment can cause you to feel vibration from the steering wheel. When your vehicle hits a pothole or bumps, it causes the the wheels knock out of their position. Therefore, if you do feel vibrations coming from your steering wheel, it means you do not have good wheel alignment.


Bad Alignment Noise

When you hear your vehicle make creaking, knocking, or squeaking sound, bad wheel alignment can be a possible cause. Although it can also be an issue with suspension and loose components underneath a vehicle, it is still advised to have your wheel alignment checked as that can also be the reason for the noise.  Think of these as early signs to get your wheels aligned before these signs progress into something worse. Drive safely.

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